Fat Tire Tour | Milwaukee - Green Bay | Milwaukee 2020
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June 10-30, 2020


Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery


A tour of the city by bike

Join us for the
36th Annual 
Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee!


Register Now

The FTTM 2020 is officially happening, just in a creative way. If you chose to participate in our “ride on your own event” you will keep your streak going, and you will get all the usual SWAG. SWAG items and the T-shirt design will be shared before June 10th.


Our goals:

  • Provide a creative event environment to still allow people to experience the 2020 FTTM
  • Keep everyone safe and healthy during these tough times
  • Operate the event as close to a “break-even” situation. (we can’t risk losing money on the event)


Drawing nearly 500 attendees each year, the Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee is the oldest and most historic group ride in the greater Milwaukee area. With over 35 years under its “tires,” this annual group ride attracts and unites young bucks and old dogs alike over a common love of bikes and beer.


This year: The event will be a “ride on your own” experience. We will provide riders with the route on June 10th. Riders will have until June 30th to register and complete the route. The event will be “bring your own beverage” style since no establishments will be arrange on the route. Riders are welcome to use creativity to adapt the route to create what ever type of experience they feel comfortable with. Riders are also encouraged to dress up and post photos to social media (and tag Fat Tire Tour) while on “their ride”. Any creativity to help keep the spirit alive is encouraged.


Traditionally: The FTTM is a casual paced ride covering 15-25 miles over a 6-7 hour span. The route changes every year offering a unique Milwaukee experience over and over again. Not only does the route change, but it’s a surprise until the morning of. What is more exciting than that? A mystery ride with mystery stops! The only thing you know when you wake up that morning is you will have a blast touring Milwaukee with 500 of your closest friends. Participants have the opportunity to dress up, compete in wildly entertaining contests, and have a plain ol’ good time.


  • An high-quality event T-shirt
  • A bicycle bottle opener keychain
  • A surprise collectible item
  • An Anderson’s Maple Syrup energy packet
  • A chance to win a $500 shopping spree at Wheel & Sprocket
  • More to come as the event gets closer!


The route is an unmarked open course. It focuses on scenic areas and parks since the event is BYOB and we can’t predict what will be open the day you chose to do the ride. Like any other year, riders are welcome to deviate from the course and stop other places along the way. We have three options to get/follow the route:

  1. Google Map: https://bit.ly/fttm-2020-google-map
  2. Ride Spot app service (turn-by-turn directions): https://ridespot.org/rides/170888#
  3. Crude Google Map image: https://bit.ly/fttm2020-map-image

EVENT SCHEDULE – June 10th-30th, 2020:

The 2020 event will have an 21 day window running from June 10th to June 30th. You ride the route when you want in whatever way you want (organize your own group or do it solo). We will inform everyone of the route on June 10th.


WHY: We can’t predict the social environment in June. We can’t rely on any establishments being open on a specific date/time. More importantly we don’t want to be liable for convincing people to be put in health compromising situations. We don’t want to be responsible in any way for creating a situation that may spread the virus. We want people to make their own choices and just enjoy a fun bike ride in the spirit of FTTM tradition.

How SWAG will work:

Since we have no idea how many people will sign up and complete the event, we have no idea how much to order. We can’t risk losing money on over ordering so after the official event closes on June 30th we will place orders using accurate numbers. We will have a pickup option to get your swag at a Wheel & Sprocket store, or provide a shipping option if you choose (at your expense). We realize that there may be all kinds of complaints and questions on this. Please keep in mind we are trying to balance providing everyone with the usual cool stuff in this creative situation…and not losing tons of money in the process.

The 2020 FTTM Event is Open and Live!

It is the distant future. The year is 2020. You were promised flying cars and hovering skateboards….but instead you got a global zombie virus with a side of “murder hornet”. Time to make the best of it. We have learned many things about the zombie virus. The most important was a natural immunity discovered in the elixir of life… the amazing healing power of beer. And, that you can just barely out run them on bikes. Barely. Before heading out, stock up on your hydration capsule of choice. Hope you are ready for this!
Want to officially add the FTTM 2020 to your record? There are two ways to do it. The super duper fun way… and the lame boring way. Here’s how…
Lame Boring Way:
Some time between June 10th and June 30th….
2. Get the 2020 route here: https://bit.ly/fttm-2020-google-map
3. Complete the route on your own time in your own way. No need to prove it to us.
4. Done. (then just wait for more info on SWAG pickup and $500 Wheel & Sprocket prize)
BUT…..if you want to have more fun with this. And prove you did it. And share your FTTM spirit with the world…
Some time between June 10th and June 30th….
2. Download the Ride Spot app (from PEOPLEforBIKES) and create a free account
3. Find our ride challenge in the app: https://ridespot.org/rides/170888#
4. “Save” or “Favorite” our challenge in prep for the day you actually do it
5. Use the Ride Spot app to log your ride and give you turn-by-turn directions all day
6. As an added bonus participate in our photo challenge for a chance at a free 2021 entry (details on the Ride Spot page: https://ridespot.org/rides/170888#
7. Done. Wasn’t this way much more fun?!?!
Can’t wait to see all the photos you post and share with us! SWAG info coming very soon.


Early Bird Registration open through April 30th, 2020

Thank you to our event Sponsors & Partners!

We’d like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our ride and the bike community in Milwaukee!
We couldn’t pull off this much fun without you!

Wheel & Sprocket

Anderson’s Maple Syrup

First time rider? Want more information? Visit our FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions